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Clergy Search Results For Yadkin Valley District

  Pastor Name  Appointment
 Alexander, Darren William   Oak Forest
 Ammons, Dennis Allen   Mount Olive (Yadkinville)
 Anderson, Lauren Paige Richardson   New Home-Shady Grove
 Auman, Timothy Lewis   Chaplain, Wake Forest University
 Ayuso, Eileen Mary   Faith (Rural Hall) - Antioch (Rural Hall)
 Baca-Zuniga, Sonia Noemi   Marvin (Winston-Salem)
 Baker, Charles William Jr   Bethlehem (Advance)
 Bartoli, Lenora Leigh Jones   Shady Grove Deacon Minister of Children's and Preteen Ministry
 Bennett, Chris Jay   Incapacity Leave
 Berry, William Francis II   Incapacity Leave
 Black, Carl Clifton II   Professor, Princeton Seminary
 Brake, Jonathan Lee   Centenary Assoc Min of Adult Spiritual Formation
 Briggs, Robert Howard   Chestnut Grove (Mocksville)
 Brown, Michael Bruce   Marble Collegiate Church
 Bryant, Katherine Cates Boutwell   Minister with Children, St. Timothy's Episcopal Church
 Buffkin, Richard William   Bethesda (Pine Hall)
 Burris, Angela Darlene   Bethel (Winston-Salem) - Centenary (Clemmons)
 Burton, Amy Wyn   Main Street Minister of Education (Kernersville)
 Burton, John Matthew Jr   Clemmons
 Burton, Larry Rodney   Oak Grove (Mocksville)
 Cameron, Dennis Wayne   Franklin Heights-Maple Grove (Mount Airy)
 Camp, Gary Link   Crews (Winston-Salem)
 Carpenter, Kelly Parkerson   Green Street (Winston-Salem)
 Carson, Ellis Khari   Central (Thomasville) - St. Stephen (Lexington)
 Carter, Richard Lee Jr   Main Street Associate (Kernersville)
 Cash, David Ronald Sr   Sedge Garden (Kernersville)
 Cash, Rebecca Lynn Watts   Love's (Walkertown)
 Cheek, Howard Lee Jr   Dean of Social Sciences, East Georgia State College
 Chilton, Clark Davis   Clemmons Student Minister/Praise Service Leader
 Clontz, Christopher Mark   Mount Pleasant (Thomasville)
 Clubb, Jesse James Jr   Forsyth-Stokes
 Cogan, Bret Russell   Wesley Memorial (Winston-Salem)
 Constantine, Jason Michael   Chaplain, US Navy Surface Fleet Ministry Center (Active Duty)
 Coppley, Beverly Leigh Bowyer   Ardmore (Winston-Salem)
 Coppley, Jeffrey Thomas   Maple Springs (Winston-Salem)
 Crotts, Darren Lee   Smith Grove
 Cuff, Roxanne Marie   New Hope
 Cunningham, Brad Richard   Liberty (Mocksville)
 Denton, Rodney Wade   Memorial Minister of Youth (Thomasville)
 Devoid, Benjamin Franklin   Memorial (Thomasville)
 Doub, Mary Katherine Labosky   Outpatient Therapist, Easter Seals UCP
 Doub, Ronald Dean   Hardison
 Elmore, Anne Marie   Pleasant Grove (Thomasville)
 Elrod, Gary Lyon   Mocks
 Erwin, John Daniel   Center (Mocksville) - Salem
 Evans, Edward Leonard Jr   Center (Welcome) - Arcadia (Clemmons) Assistant
 Evans, Jerry Thomas   Union Ridge (Winston-Salem)
 Ewing, Susan Dawn Hubbard   Lewisville Associate
 Finch, Margaret Carol Arthur   Memorial Associate (Thomasville)
 Fitzgerald, Robin Lynn Brown   Prospect - Mount Pleasant
 Flack, Michael Ellis   Union-Concord
 Freeman, Gregory Dennis   Harmony Grove-Sharon (Lewisville)
 Fulk, Joseph Marion III   Good Hope (Lexington)
 Garner, Ronald Matthew   Mount Tabor, G3 Campus (Winston-Salem)
 Giese, Kelly Lynn Whiting   Baltimore
 Gosnell, Arnold Parks   Farmington-Wesley Chapel
 Graves, Elizabeth Lorraine   Burkhead (Winston-Salem)
 Grimmett, Christopher Tyler   Shoals-Whitakers Chapel
 Hall, Wesley Leonard Jr   Level Cross-Siloam
 Hampton, Jennifer Bingham   Sunrise (Lewisville)
 Hamrick, Jeffery Mark   West Forsyth
 Harlow, Jeffrey Scott   Pisgah (Kernersville)
 Harris, Bonnie Van Preston   Center (Yadkinville)
 Harris, Nathan Angelo   Brooks Temple
 Haywood-Baxter, Ann Geraldine   Chaplain, Boston Children's Hospital
 Hege, Tyler Gray   Bethel (King)
 Henson, Christopher David   CPE Resident, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center
 Hepler, Lynda Gayle Crisco   Memorial Minister of Children and Families (Thomasville)
 Howard, David Patrick   Chaplain, Kernersville Medical Center
 Howard, Teresa Karen   West End-Johnsontown
 Howell, Sarah Stockton   Centenary Associate (Winston-Salem)
 Huffman, Lory Beth Thompson   Centenary (Winston-Salem)
 Hughes, Christopher Beaumont   Yadkinville
 Hughes, Gloria Elizabeth Gunn   Clemmons Min of Discipleship and Lay Ministry and The Foundation for Christian Formation
 Hunter, Thomas Richard   First (Pilot Mountain)
 Hutchinson, Johnelle   Mallalieu-Jones (Mount Airy)
 Hutchinson, Robert James Jr   Unity (Thomasville)
 Ireson, Charles Howard   Midway (Lexington)
 Ireson, Sandra Lee Waddell   Mount Olivet (Lexington)
 James, Dustin Drew   Fulton (Advance)
 Jenkins, Donald   St. Paul (Winston-Salem)
 Jones, Larry Vertice   Campus Minister and Director, Winston-Salem Wesley Foundation
 Jordan, Barbara Lynn Gammons   Midway Assistant (Lexington)
 Kayler, Claude Jackson   Main Street (Kernersville)
 Keaton, Steven Shawn   Mount Tabor Minister of Student Ministries (Winston-Salem)
 Kelley, David Robert   Shiloh (Lexington)
 Key, Mark Joel   Mount Tabor (Winston-Salem)
 Knoespel, Laurie Ann Crowe   Pine Woods (Thomasville)
 Lambert, Anthony Eric   Mount Tabor Associate (Winston-Salem)
 Lemons, Evelyn McAdams   Chestnut Grove
 Lindsay, Sherise Porter   Piney Grove
 Lineberry, Eric Wayne   New Union (Mocksville)
 Lord, Johnny Donald Jr   Palmyra - Stokesburg
 Lyons, Daniel Jay   Morris Chapel (Walkertown)
 Mabry, Thomas Coleman   Shady Grove (Winston-Salem)
 Mahathey, Gary Cecil   Maple Springs Associate (Winston-Salem)
 Marion, Patrick Anthony   Cooleemee
 Marsden, Dianne West   Pinnacle - Mount Zion
 Marsden, Keith Lynn   Personal Leave
 Martin, Duncan Gray   Fairview (Pinnacle)
 Martin, Meredith Meyer Poe   Director of Program Excellence, The Children's Home
 May, Mary Katharine Worthington   Centenary (WS) Minister of Children's Spiritual Formation and Education
 McGuire, Peter Russell   Crossroads Behavioral Healthcare
 McKinney, Edward Dewitt   Fairview (Thomasville)
 McLeod, Roy Wesley Jr   Hanes-Hickory Ridge Administrative Charge
 Mendenhall, Jason Ryan   Trinity (Thomasville)
 Michael, Suzanne Stewart Gainey   New Hope (Winston-Salem)
 Miller, Corey Glendon   UM Pastor in Residence, St. Paul's Episcopal Church
 Miller, Daniel Vance   Bethesda (Lexington)
 Miller, Douglas William   Canaan
 Miller, Mary Elizabeth Rowe   Mount Carmel (Winston-Salem)
 Milleson, Bart William   Trinity (King)
 Mitchell, Luke Arthur   Hillsdale Assistant
 Morphis, Eric Wesley   Vanceboro (Sound District, NC Conf)
 Muckler, Mark Trask   Central (Mount Airy)
 Myers, Glenn Lewis Jr   First (Mocksville)
 Myers, Jimmy Laird   Personal Leave
 Nations, John Robert Jr   Wake Forest: Department of Counseling
 Nehnevajsa, Cheryl Willard   Executive Director, Yadkin Christian Ministries
 Orrell, Elizabeth Kay Horace   Waterfall Consulting and Coaching
 Osterberg, Scott Alan   New Story (NS)
 Owens, Tony Glenn   Bethel (Mocksville)
 Patterson, Jeffrey Scott   District Superintendent - Yadkin Valley
 Peden, Ivan Hugh Macdonald   Lewisville (Lewisville)
 Pegram, Jeremiah Patton   Centenary Associate Minister of Evangelism and Engagement
 Pendleton, Cynthia Jay   Vice-Provost, Mercer University
 Perdue, James Randolph   First (Thomasville)
 Perry, Ronald Donall   Konnoak Hills (Winston-Salem)
 Pillsbury, John Charles   Mitchell's Chapel
 Pillsbury, Stephen Walter   Trinity (Winston-Salem)
 Pilson, Oscar Charles   St. Paul (Kernersville)
 Prichard, James Oakley Jr   Delta
 Pryor, William Douglas   Friendship (Lexington)
 Raiford, David Gordon Sr   Mount Pleasant-Tabernacle
 Randolph, William Beverley   Director of Aging and Older Adult Min, GBOD
 Ratcliffe, David Wayne   Chaplain, United Hospice of Wilkes
 Reavill, Mark Edward   Asbury-Hanes Grove
 Richardson, Robert William   Mount Tabor: G3 Campus Assistant
 Rio, Amy Jeanine   Chaplain, Salem Academy and College
 Rorie, David Markham   Bunker Hill
 Sammons, Harry Douglas   Dobson-Oak Grove
 Sampl, Richelle Jean Wagner   Director, First UMC School, Kissimmee
 Shoaf, Chad Howard   Concord (Mocksville)
 Shoaf, Timothy Fred   Minister of Music, Pfafftown Christian Church
 Slaughter, Baxter Boone III   West Forsyth Assistant
 Smith, David Eugene Jr   Union Chapel (Mocksville)
 Sneed, Dale Evans Peele   Saints Home-St. Andrew's (Winston-Salem)
 Snow, Patrick Tyler   Advance
 Southern, Andrew Allan   Cherry Street
 Spicer, Patricia Black   Snow Hill (Danbury)
 Stanton, Allen Tippett   Merritt's Chapel (Fairway Dist, NC Conf)
 Starbuck, Timothy Wayne   Bethel (Thomasville)
 Stewart, Jennifer Wells   Boonville
 Suggs, Douglas Lee   Director of Spiritual Life, Arbor Acres
 Suggs, Patricia Kaylor   Elbaville (Advance) and Coach/Trainer for Clergy and Congregations
 Sullivan, Dorothy Lynn Lankford   Beulah-Zion
 Summers, Robert Lawrence   Central Terrace (Winston-Salem)
 Symanski, Robert Dean   Director of Spiritual Life and Chaplain, Piedmont Crossing
 Sypole, Jeffrey Howard   Kingswood
 Tang, Eric Kin-Son   Mount Pleasant (Winston-Salem) - Shiloh (Germanton)
 Tanico, Lisa Laign   Danbury Community Chapel
 Taylor, Elizabeth Grady   Queen Street Deacon Associate (Sound Dist, NC Conf)
 Thigpin, Yvonne Marie   Personal Leave
 Thomas, Kennette Lawrence   Campus Chaplain, Surry Community College (Dobson)
 Truell, Jimmy Coleman   Dulin
 Tucker, Ann Marie Glisson   Therapist, Family Services, Inc.
 Updyke, Bruce David   East Bend-Stony Knoll
 Van Meter, Allan Richard   Fair Grove (Thomasville)
 Van Wieren, William III   Pine Grove (Kernersville)
 Vlastakis, Catherine Anne Kelly   Main Street (Kernersville) Associate Pastor
 Webb, James Thomas Jr   Brookstown
 Webb, Jerry Scott   Hillsdale
 Weiler, Marilyn Kearns Lawrence   Pine Grove (Winston-Salem)
 Wilson, Mitchell Forest   Center (Welcome) - Arcadia (Clemmons)
 Wilt, Linda Rene   Yadkin Valley Church Vitality Strategist
 Winstead, Michael Ernest   Chaplain, St. Elizabeth Regional Health
 Young, Jonathan Shane   Cornatzer
 Zuniga, Oscar Felipe   New Hope (Winston-Salem) Assistant Pastor
 Albert, Thomas Warren   Retired
 Ashe, Donald Winberry   Retired
 Baird, Lloyd William Jr   Retired
 Barnhardt, Roland Taylor   Retired
 Beck, Bobby Ray   Retired
 Bowen, James Ellis   Retired
 Branton, Theodore Ray   Retired
 Brashear, Brenda Kay O'Neal   Retired
 Bridges, Tilden W.   Retired
 Brown, Myra Ward   Retired
 Brown, Rodney Cain   Retired
 Carlton, Harrison Marion   Retired
 Cartner, James Dwight   Retired
 Charlesworth, James Hamilton   Retired
 Choplin, Patricia Olivia Poteate   Retired
 Clodfelter, James Paul Jr   Retired
 Cummings, William P.   Retired
 Currie, William Curtis   Retired
 Danley, Jackie Dean   Retired
 Davis, Donald Clayton   Retired
 Davis, Joe Bill   Retired
 Dawkins, Homer Clayton   Retired
 Denton, Mark Steven   Retired
 Dingus, William Henry   Retired
 Eanes, Ralph Hill Jr   Retired
 Eller, Kenneth Robert   Retired
 Engebretson, Sharon Rose Fuchs   Retired
 Ferree, James Walter   Retired
 Griffiths, Glenn Sherer   Retired
 Hahn, Benny Byungchill   Retired
 Harrelson, Claudia Gail   Retired
 Heafner, James Patrick   Retired
 Hileman, Jack Lindsey   Retired
 Hilton, Richard Dale   Retired
 Huffman, Robert Eugene   Retired
 Hunter, Billy Van   Retired
 Ison, Frank Harris   Retired
 Johnson, LaNell   Retired
 Johnson, Nancy Willard   Retired
 Joyce, Steve Darnell   Retired
 Kossan, Joseph E.   Retired
 Lanier, Roy Sidney   Retired
 Lawton, James Gray Sr   Retired
 Lee, Thomas Smith Jr   Retired
 Long, James Baxter Jr   Retired
 Lutz, Rufus Reginald   Retired
 Manning, Calvin Clay   Retired
 Martin, Jimmie Harold Sr   Retired
 McArn, Carl Edward   Retired
 McLawhorn, Robert Thompson   Retired
 Medlin, William Tracy III   Retired
 Moretz, Frederico Boyd   Retired
 Murray, Jerry Dwight   Retired
 Needham, Edwin Garber   Retired
 Northcraft, Suzanne Boesel   Retired
 Northrup, Paula Rae Brown   Retired
 Ogden, Wanda Jean   Retired
 Payne, Ardis Darrell   Retired
 Perkins, Paul Franklin Sr   Retired
 Rainey, Steven Knight   Retired
 Riffe, David   Retired
 Robinson, George Parks   Retired
 Rose, Lillian Gail Whittington   Retired
 Rouse, Ellis Leroy Jr   Retired
 Routh, Donald Wayne   Retired
 Sherrill, Harry McClure   Retired
 Sides, Malcome Donald   Retired
 Smith, Karen Harris   Retired
 Smith, Timothy Hill   Retired
 Spencer, Rickey Lewis   Retired
 Strange, Lee Hylton   Retired
 Summey, Raymond Clifton   Retired
 Thomas, John Hurley III   Retired
 Troutman, Glenn Dale   Retired
 Turner, Charles McNeill   Retired
 Wachs, William Ronald   Retired
 Waugh, Randolph Phillip   Retired
 Wilhelm, Sylvia Dean   Retired
 Williams, Edwin Winston Jr   Retired
 Wilson, Earl Jr   Retired
 Wiseman, Robert William   Retired
 Wortman, Manuel David   Retired
 Yarborough, Mary Ellen Strawbridge   Retired
 Yarbrough, Jack Brown   Retired
 Young, Hugh Claude Jr   Retired

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