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Western North Carolina Conference - Blue Ridge District

General District Info
Phone: 828-254-8564
Phy. Address: 27 Balm Grove Ave Asheville, NC 28806
Mail. Address: 27 Balm Grove Ave Asheville, NC 28806
Fax: 828-254-0830
District Abbreviation: BR
Beth Crissman - District Superintendent
Phone: 828-254-8564
Email: bcrissman@wnccumc.org
District Staff
Debra H. Luther (Church Relations)
Phone: 828-254-8564
Email: dluther@wnccumc.org
Ruth Kapely (Clergy Relations)
Phone: 828-254-8564
Email: rkapely@wnccumc.org
District Statistics
Total Number of Churches: 134
Total Number of Appointed Clergy: 128
Total Membership: 24,473
Average Membership: 183
Total Attendance: 9,765
Average Attendance: 73
Avg. Church School Attendance: 28
United Methodist Men: 986
United Methodist Women: 2,406
GCFA DcNo   Name Charge Name
290222        BR-010.0 Abernethy (Asheville) Abernethy (Asheville)
290200        BR-020.0 Acton (Asheville) Acton (Asheville)
967790        BR-030.1 Addie's Chapel (Marion) Addie's Chapel (Marion) - Cross (Marion)
296241        BR-040.1 Alexander (Forest City) Alexander - Gray's Chapel
291352        BR-050.0 Alexander Chapel (Asheville) Alexander Chapel (Asheville)
290938        BR-390.1 Antioch (Hot Springs) Fairview - Antioch
290244        BR-060.0 Asbury Memorial (Asheville) Asbury Memorial (Asheville)
290461        BR-070.0 Avery's Creek (Arden) Avery's Creek (Arden)
296285        BR-080.1 Avondale (Forest City) Avondale-Cliffside
296308        BR-620.1 Bakersville (Bakersville) Mitchell-Yancey (Bakersville, Deyton Ben...
290506        BR-090.1 Bald Creek (Burnsville) Bald Creek - Pensacola
290528        BR-095.1 Balfour (Hendersonville) Balfour - Moore's Grove
291328        BR-100.1 Barnardsville (Barnardsville) Barnardsville (Barnardsville, Pleasant G...
290541        BR-505.1 Bell (Leicester) Grace - Bell (Leicester)
967686        BR-935.1 Berry Temple (Asheville) Trinity - Berry Temple (Asheville)
290858        BR-120.0 Bethany (Fairview) Bethany (Fairview)
290563        BR-140.0 Bethel (Asheville) Bethel (Asheville)
297017        BR-135.1 Bethel (Old Fort) Bethel (Old Fort) - Old Fort
290585        BR-145.0 Bethesda (Asheville) Bethesda (Asheville)
296742        BR-147.0 Bethlehem (Mill Spring) Bethlehem (Mill Spring)
291170        BR-160.1 Big Sandy (Leicester) Big Sandy - Western Chapel
290266        BR-170.0 Biltmore (Asheville) Biltmore (Asheville)
290608        BR-180.0 Black Mountain (Black Mountain) Black Mountain (Black Mountain)
290973        BR-190.0 Bright Hope Laurel (Mars Hill) Bright Hope Laurel (Mars Hill)
290665        BR-195.0 Brown's View (Candler) Brown's View (Candler)
296365        BR-410.0 Caroleen (Ellenboro) Caroleen
297041        BR-210.1 Carson's Chapel (Marion) Carson's Chapel - Trinity (Nebo)
297110        BR-690.2 Cedar Grove (Bostic) Oak Grove - Cedar Grove
291113        BR-680.1 Celo (Burnsville) Newdale
296935        BR-725.1 Centennial (Union Mills) Pisgah (Rutherfordton) - Centennial (Uni...
290288        BR-240.0 Central (Asheville) Central (Asheville)
291306        BR-250.0 Christ (Weaverville) Christ (Weaverville)
291363        BR-260.0 Clark's Chapel (Weaverville) Clark's Chapel (Weaverville)
296387        BR-080.2 Cliffside (Mooresboro) Avondale-Cliffside
296627        BR-262.0 Clinchfield (Marion) Clinchfield (Marion)
291237        BR-830.1 Columbus (Columbus) Saluda - Columbus
297074        BR-280.0 Concord (Marion) Concord (Marion)
290277        BR-290.0 Covenant Community (Asheville) Covenant Community (Asheville)
296640        BR-030.2 Cross (Marion) Addie's Chapel (Marion) - Cross (Marion)
290632        BR-310.0 Cummings Memorial (Mills River) Cummings Memorial (Mills River)
290756        BR-315.0 Dana (Dana) Dana (Dana)
290791        BR-320.1 Davis Chapel (Candler) Davis Chapel-Piney Mountain
296957        BR-620.2 Deyton Bend (Green Mountain) Mitchell-Yancey (Bakersville, Deyton Ben...
291033        BR-325.0 Dix Creek (Leicester) Dix Creek (Leicester)
291077        BR-330.0 East Asheville (Asheville) East Asheville (Asheville)
296662        BR-350.0 East Marion (Marion) East Marion (Marion)
297154        BR-352.1 Ebenezer (Old Fort) Ebenezer (Old Fort) - St. Mark's (Marion...
290780        BR-552.1 Edneyville (Hendersonville) Hope (East Flat Rock) - Edneyville
290803        BR-365.2 Elkwood (Asheville) Emma (Asheville) - Elkwood (Asheville)
290302        BR-365.1 Emma (Asheville) Emma (Asheville) - Elkwood (Asheville)
290778        BR-370.0 English Chapel (Pisgah Forest) English Chapel (Pisgah Forest)
290643        BR-380.0 Etowah (Etowah) Etowah (Etowah)
291011        BR-390.2 Fairview (Hot Springs) Fairview - Antioch
290825        BR-660.1 Fairview Sharon (Fairview) Nesbitt's Chapel - Fairview Sharon
291215        BR-397.1 Fanning Chapel (Fletcher) Fanning Chapel - Upward
290621        BR-400.0 First (Brevard) First (Brevard)
296467        BR-420.0 First (Forest City) First (Forest City)
290882        BR-430.0 First (Hendersonville) First (Hendersonville)
296684        BR-440.0 First (Marion) First (Marion)
297052        BR-450.0 First (Rutherfordton) First (Rutherfordton)
290847        BR-460.0 Fletcher (Fletcher) Fletcher (Fletcher)
290860        BR-470.0 Francis Asbury (Candler) Francis Asbury (Candler)
290836        BR-472.0 Fruitland (Hendersonville) Fruitland (Hendsonville)
296638        BR-475.1 Gilboa (Rutherfordton) Gilboa - Gilkey - Thermal City
296525        BR-475.2 Gilkey (Rutherfordton) Gilboa - Gilkey - Thermal City
296718        BR-485.1 Glenwood (Marion) Glenwood - Pleasant Hill (Marion)
297187        BR-500.0 Golden Valley (Bostic) Golden Valley (Bostic)
290951        BR-505.2 Grace (Leicester) Grace - Bell (Leicester)
296753        BR-040.2 Gray's Chapel (Rutherfordton) Alexander - Gray's Chapel
290346        BR-520.0 Groce (Asheville) Groce (Asheville)
289143        BR-530.0 Haywood Street Congregation (NS) (Asheville) Haywood Street Congregation (NS) (Ashevi...
290687        BR-550.0 Higgins Memorial (Burnsville) Higgins Memorial (Burnsville)
290745        BR-552.2 Hope (East Flat Rock) Hope (East Flat Rock) - Edneyville
296376        BR-555.1 Kistler's Chapel (Rutherfordton) Kistler's Chapel - Tanner's Grove
290698        BR-570.0 Lake Toxaway (Lake Toxaway) Lake Toxaway (Lake Toxaway)
296775        BR-580.0 Lebanon (Mill Spring) Lebanon (Mill Spring)
291248        BR-590.0 Little Sandy (Leicester) Little Sandy (Leicester)
290927        BR-600.0 Mars Hill (Mars Hill) Mars Hill (Mars Hill)
291055        BR-680.2 Martin's Chapel (Burnsville) Newdale
291000        BR-610.0 Mills River (Mills River) Mills River (Mills River)
291022        BR-630.0 Montmorenci (Candler) Montmorenci (Candler)
290530        BR-095.2 Moore's Grove (Hendersonville) Balfour - Moore's Grove
296888        BR-640.0 Mount Hebron (Forest City) Mount Hebron (Forest City)
296924        BR-650.1 Nebo (Nebo) Nebo - Snow Hill (Morganton)
290871        BR-660.2 Nesbitt's Chapel (Fairview, NC) Nesbitt's Chapel - Fairview Sharon
296811        BR-670.0 New Hope (Rutherfordton) New Hope (Rutherfordton)
296332        BR-690.1 Oak Grove (Ellenboro) Oak Grove - Cedar Grove
291066        BR-700.0 Oak Hill (Candler) Oak Hill (Candler)
290381        BR-710.0 Oakley (Asheville) Oakley (Asheville)
296946        BR-135.2 Old Fort (Old Fort) Bethel (Old Fort) - Old Fort
290255        BR-090.2 Pensacola (Burnsville) Bald Creek - Pensacola
291088        BR-320.2 Piney Mountain (Candler) Davis Chapel-Piney Mountain
296571        BR-720.0 Pinnacle (Nebo) Pinnacle (Nebo)
296992        BR-725.2 Pisgah (Rutherfordton) Pisgah (Rutherfordton) - Centennial (Uni...
291341        BR-100.3 Pleasant Gap (Weaverville) Barnardsville (Barnardsville, Pleasant G...
296480        BR-737.0 Pleasant Grove (Forest City) Pleasant Grove (Forest City)
291374        BR-750.0 Pleasant Grove Union (Weaverville) Pleasant Grove Union (Weaverville)
296970        BR-485.2 Pleasant Hill (Marion) Glenwood - Pleasant Hill (Marion)
296833        BR-770.1 Providence (Marion) Providence - West Marion
296398        BR-780.0 Providence (Rutherford) Providence (Rutherford)
296981        BR-620.3 Red Hill (Bakersville) Mitchell-Yancey (Bakersville, Deyton Ben...
291124        BR-840.2 Reeves Chapel (Asheville) Sardis - Reeves Chapel
290654        BR-800.1 Rosman (Rosman) Rosman - Selica
296412        BR-810.0 Salem (Bostic) Salem (Bostic)
291317        BR-820.0 Salem (Weaverville) Salem (Weaverville)
291146        BR-830.2 Saluda (Saluda) Saluda - Columbus
291181        BR-840.1 Sardis (Asheville) Sardis - Reeves Chapel
290676        BR-800.2 Selica (Brevard) Rosman - Selica
291204        BR-850.0 Skyland (Asheville) Skyland (Asheville)
290712        BR-860.0 Snow Hill (Candler) Snow Hill (Candler)
296593        BR-650.2 Snow Hill (Morganton) Nebo - Snow Hill (Morganton)
297063        BR-870.0 Spindale (Spindale) Spindale (Spindale)
297085        BR-880.0 Spruce Pine (Spruce Pine) Spruce Pine (Spruce Pine)
296695        BR-352.2 St. Mark's (Marion) Ebenezer (Old Fort) - St. Mark's (Marion...
290426        BR-890.0 St. Paul's (Asheville) St. Paul's (Asheville)
290814        BR-900.0 St. Timothy (Brevard) St. Timothy (Brevard)
297108        BR-905.0 Sunshine (Bostic) Sunshine (Bostic)
291226        BR-910.1 Swannanoa (Swannanoa) Swannanoa - Tabernacle (Black Mountain)
290610        BR-910.2 Tabernacle (Black Mtn.) Swannanoa - Tabernacle (Black Mountain)
297028        BR-555.2 Tanner's Grove (Forest City) Kistler's Chapel - Tanner's Grove
291250        BR-930.0 Teague's Chapel (Marshall) Teague's Chapel (Marshall)
296651        BR-475.3 Thermal City (Union Mills) Gilboa - Gilkey - Thermal City
290448        BR-935.2 Trinity (Asheville) Trinity - Berry Temple (Asheville)
296616        BR-210.2 Trinity (Nebo) Carson's Chapel - Trinity (Nebo)
291261        BR-950.0 Tryon (Tryon) Tryon (Tryon)
290734        BR-397.2 Upward (Flat Rock) Fanning Chapel - Upward
291283        BR-960.0 Weaverville (Weaverville) Weaverville (Weaverville)
967711        BR-965.0 Wells Spring (Forest City) Wells Spring (Forest City)
296968        BR-770.2 West Marion (Marion) Providence - West Marion
291272        BR-160.2 Western Chapel (Leicester) Big Sandy - Western Chapel
291135        BR-680.3 Windom (Burnsville) Newdale

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