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Western North Carolina Conference - Smoky Mountain District

General District Info
Phone: 828-454-6820
Phy. Address: 125 N Lakeshore Dr Lake Junaluska, NC 28745
Mail. Address: PO Box 1269 Lake Junaluska, NC 28745
Fax: 828-454-6810
District Abbreviation: SM
Randolph Harry - District Superintendent
Phone: 828-454-6820
Email: rharry@wnccumc.org
District Staff
Kara Miller - District Office Administrator
Phone: 828-454-6820
Email: kmiller@wnccumc.org
Sherrie Schork (CVS)
Phone: 828-454-6820
Email: sschork@wnccumc.org
District Statistics
Total Number of Churches: 69
Total Number of Appointed Clergy: 58
Total Membership: 13,862
Average Membership: 201
Total Attendance: 5,802
Average Attendance: 84
Avg. Church School Attendance: 29
United Methodist Men: 409
United Methodist Women: 1,140
GCFA DcNo   Name Charge Name
302285        SM-005.0 Andrews (Andrews) Andrews (Andrews)
303063        SM-007.1 Asbury (Otto) South Macon
303041        SM-114.1 Beaverdam (Canton) Haywood Parish: Francis Cove - Beaverdam
302731        SM-015.0 Bellview (Murphy) Bellview (Murphy)
302913        SM-020.0 Bethel (Franklin) Bethel (Franklin)
302308        SM-025.0 Bethel (Waynesville) Bethel (Waynesville)
302321        SM-030.0 Bryson City (Bryson City) Bryson City (Bryson City)
302560        SM-035.0 Cashiers (Cashiers) Cashiers (Cashiers)
302343        SM-040.0 Central (Canton) Central (Canton)
302401        SM-045.1 Central (Clyde) Central (Clyde) - Louisa Chapel (Clyde)
302387        SM-203.1 Cherokee (Cherokee) Qualla Parish
302935        SM-055.1 Clark's Chapel (Franklin) Clark's Chapel (Franklin) - Union (Frank...
302423        SM-060.0 Crabtree (Clyde) Crabtree (Clyde)
302651        SM-145.1 Cruso (Canton) Long's - Cruso
302445        SM-065.1 Cullowhee (Cullowhee) Cullowhee - Speedwell
302946        SM-007.2 Dryman's Chapel (Franklin) South Macon
302478        SM-111.1 Elizabeth Chapel (Waynesville) Haywood Parish: Maple Grove - Elizabeth ...
302605        SM-117.0 Faith (Waynesville) Haywood Parish: Faith
302228        SM-085.1 Fincher's Chapel (Clyde) Fincher's Chapel-Mount Zion
302480        SM-087.0 Fines Creek (Clyde) Fines Creek (Clyde)
302365        SM-115.0 First (Canton) First (Canton)
302503        SM-090.0 First (Franklin) First (Franklin)
302547        SM-095.0 First (Hayesville) First (Hayesville)
302720        SM-100.0 First (Murphy) First (Murphy)
302866        SM-102.0 First (Sylva) First (Sylva)
302902        SM-110.0 First (Waynesville) First (Waynesville)
302616        SM-114.2 Francis Cove (Waynesville) Haywood Parish: Francis Cove - Beaverdam
302970        SM-119.1 Hickory Knoll (Franklin) Hickory Knoll - Maiden's Chapel
303006        SM-125.1 Hickory Stand (Brasstown) Hickory Stand - Oak Forest
302627        SM-130.0 Highlands (Highlands) Highlands (Highlands)
302640        SM-230.1 Iotla (Franklin) Snow Hill-Iotla
302992        SM-135.0 Ledford's Chapel (Hayesville) Ledford's Chapel (Hayesville)
302673        SM-145.2 Long's (Canton) Long's - Cruso
302662        SM-140.0 Long's Chapel (Lake Junaluska) Long's Chapel (Lake Junaluska)
303052        SM-045.2 Louisa Chapel (Clyde) Central (Clyde) - Louisa Chapel (Clyde)
302013        SM-155.0 Louisa Chapel (Franklin) Louisa Chapel (Franklin)
302398        SM-160.1 Love's Chapel (Sylva) Love's Chapel-Webster
302811        SM-165.0 Maggie Valley (Maggie Valley) Maggie Valley (Maggie Valley)
302035        SM-119.2 Maiden's Chapel (Franklin) Hickory Knoll - Maiden's Chapel
302241        SM-111.2 Maple Grove (Waynesville) Haywood Parish: Maple Grove - Elizabeth ...
302638        SM-175.1 Martin's Creek (Murphy) Martin's Creek - Peachtree
302068        SM-180.1 Memorial (Franklin) Memorial-Patton
302707        SM-185.0 Morning Star (Canton) Morning Star (Canton)
302491        SM-085.2 Mount Zion (Clyde) Fincher's Chapel-Mount Zion
303074        SM-187.0 Mulberry (Otto) Mulberry (Otto)
303017        SM-125.2 Oak Forest (Hayesville) Hickory Stand - Oak Forest
301907        SM-203.2 Olivet (Whittier) Qualla Parish
303085        SM-180.2 Patton (Franklin) Memorial-Patton
302981        SM-190.1 Peachtree (Maggie Valley) Peachtree-Piney Grove
302695        SM-175.2 Peachtree (Murphy) Martin's Creek - Peachtree
302434        SM-195.1 Pine Grove (Clyde) Pine Grove-Spring Creek
302582        SM-190.2 Piney Grove (Waynesville) Peachtree-Piney Grove
302718        SM-200.0 Plains (Canton) Plains (Canton)
290701        SM-201.1 Pleasant Hill (Candler) Pleasant Hill (Candler) - Rockwood (Cant...
302593        SM-205.1 Ranger (Murphy) Ranger-Tomotla
302571        SM-210.0 Reid's Chapel (Murphy) Reid's Chapel (Murphy)
302764        SM-215.0 Robbinsville (Robbinsville) Robbinsville (Robbinsville)
302786        SM-201.2 Rockwood (Canton) Pleasant Hill (Candler) - Rockwood (Cant...
302800        SM-225.0 Shady Grove (Waynesville) Shady Grove (Waynesville)
302844        SM-230.2 Snow Hill (Franklin) Snow Hill-Iotla
301975        SM-065.2 Speedwell (Cullowhee) Cullowhee - Speedwell
302456        SM-195.2 Spring Creek (Spring Creek) Pine Grove-Spring Creek
302558        SM-205.2 Tomotla (Murphy) Ranger-Tomotla
303096        SM-055.2 Union (Franklin) Clark's Chapel (Franklin) - Union (Frank...
302924        SM-160.2 Webster (Webster) Love's Chapel-Webster
302252        SM-247.0 Wesleyanna (Sylva) Wesleyanna (Sylva)
302968        SM-250.0 Whittier (Whittier) Whittier (Whittier)

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