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Western North Carolina Conference - Smoky Mountain District

General District Info
Phone: 828-454-6820
Phy. Address: 125 N Lakeshore Dr Lake Junaluska, NC 28745
Mail. Address: PO Box 1269 Lake Junaluska, NC 28745
Fax: 828-454-6810
District Abbreviation: SM
Randolph Harry - District Superintendent
Phone: 828-454-6820
Email: rharry@wnccumc.org
District Staff
Kara Miller - District Office Administrator
Phone: 828-454-6820
Email: kmiller@wnccumc.org
Sherrie Schork (CVS)
Phone: 828-454-6820
Email: sschork@wnccumc.org
District Statistics
Total Number of Churches: 69
Total Number of Appointed Clergy: 58
Total Membership: 13,862
Average Membership: 201
Total Attendance: 5,802
Average Attendance: 84
Avg. Church School Attendance: 29
United Methodist Men: 409
United Methodist Women: 1,140
Name Appointment
       Allen, David Ronald Palliative Care Chaplain, Harris Regional Hospital (Duke Lifepoint)
       Almond, Lawana Elaine Cooper Qualla Parish: Cherokee Assistant
       Amason, James Dallas Retired
       Bailey, Lloyd Richard Retired
       Barnes, John Hyce Retired
       Bauer, Robert Paul Sr Retired
       Baxter, David Livingston Retired
       Beall, Thomas McKenzie Jr Retired
       Beam, David Wilson First (Franklin)
       Bond, Erma McGaha Retired
       Brittain, Timothy Bernard Retired
       Brown, Mary Catherine Wood Andrews
       Brown, Paul David Central (Canton)
       Brown, Rebecca Caroline Bowers First (Waynesville) Minister of Discipleship and Evangelism
       Buckner, Frank Wooldridge Jr Professor, Huntingdon College
       Buff, Richard Lee Maggie Valley (Maggie Valley)
       Campbell, Diean Johnson Retired
       Campbell, Richard Harold Retired
       Childers, David Wayne Haywood Parish: Maple Grove - Elizabeth Chapel
       Christy, Jamye Mechelle Cartner Retired
       Christy, John Zachery Plains
       Crain, Katherine Kindred Retired
       Cranfield, Billie Wade Retired
       Crunkleton, David Leslie Louisa Chapel (Macon Co.)
       Curry, Ben Willard Retired
       Davenport, John Paul Retired
       Davis, Donald Douglas Retired
       Davis, John Earl Jr Retired
       Dickert, Wayne Lewis Bryson City
       Dotson, Kelly Renee South Macon (Asbury, Dryman's Chapel)
       Dowdle, Joseph Oscar Jr Retired
       Ferree, John Koonts Retired
       Forga, Amy White Pine Grove-Spring Creek
       Forrester, Jennifer Lee Highlands Assistant
       Freeman, Margaret Padgett Davis First (Franklin) Deacon Associate
       Freeman, Patrick Retired
       Gaddy, Daniel Walter Central (Clyde) - Louisa Chapel (Clyde)
       Gaddy, Debra Louise
       Geiger, Sherron Orlean Retired
       German, Susan Celeste Drake Memorial-Patton
       Gibbs, Rex Lewis Retired
       Giles, Sanford Lee Jr First (Waynesville)
       Giles, Susan Slye First (Waynesville) Associate and Dean of the Chapel, Lake Junaluska
       Goldston, Robert John Retired
       Greene, Janet Jacobs Clark's Chapel (Franklin) - Union (Franklin)
       Grice, Franklin Wilson Retired
       Hacklander, Paul Kenneth
       Hardin, Elliott Wannamaker Jr Retired
       Harry, Randolph Herman District Superintendent - Smoky Mountain
       Hatherly, Kirk Laurence First (Hayesville)
       Hawk, Joseph Harry Retired
       Hawkins, William Thornton Retired
       Hershberger, Greg Allen Hospice Chaplain, Vitas HealthCare
       Hill, James Eric Pleasant Hill (Candler) - Rockwood (Canton)
       Holliday, Boyd Marshall Retired
       Hopkins, Jodi Lee First (Canton)
       Hunter, Guinnell Carroll Hickory Stand - Oak Forest Assistant
       Jackson, Charles Edwin Retired
       Johnson, Kenneth Marshall Retired
       Jones, Kelley Ray Retired
       Jones, Laura Ann Retired
       Jones, Lorentz Gregory Executive Vice President and Provost, Baylor University
       Jones, Nicole Helene de Castrique Morning Star
       Jones, Susan Pendleton Burke Retired
       Jordan, David Michael Retired
       Kennedy, Milford Loy Retired
       Kilgo-Martin, Denise Sarah First (Hayesville) Associate - Sweetwater Campus
       Leatherwood, James Michael Retired
       Lee, Timothy Alan Ranger-Tomotla
       Lindsey, Carrol Reeves Retired
       Lisk, Bradley Sherman Bethel (Franklin)
       Love, Douglas Lee Retired
       Lowe, Justin Hunter Long's Chapel Associate (Lake Junaluska)
       Lowe, Melissa Dawn (Welborn) Haywood Parish: Francis Cove - Beaverdam
       Lucas, John Randolph II Highlands
       Lytle, Ronald Joe
       Macon, Fred Keith Retired
       Martinson, Jacob Christian Jr Retired
       McConnell, John Timothy Long's Chapel Assistant (Lake Junaluska)
       Miller, Patt Joseph Retired
       Miller, Stephen Walter Snow Hill-Iotla
       Minick, Robin Ross Bereavement Specialist, Haywood Hospice and Palliative Care
       Morgan, Clay Johnson Retired
       Osmer, Sarah Taylor Retired
       Padgett, Frank Laprade Retired
       Poag, Lewis Lowe Retired
       Pritchard, Laura Paige Retired
       Ramsland, Jeffrey Roger Robbinsville
       Reeves, George David Cullowhee - Speedwell
       Reeves, James Robert Retired
       Rich, Howard Michael Haywood Parish: Faith / WNCC Web and Communications Manager
       Richards, Richard Quintus III Retired
       Rintz, John William Cashiers
       Rollins, Robert William Jr First (Murphy)
       Rowland, Terry Lee Retired
       Russell, George David Retired
       Schork, Sherrie Burford Smoky Mountain Church Vitality Strategist and Barnabas Ministries
       Sears, Paul Arthur Hickory Knoll - Maiden's Chapel
       Self, Mary Ann Evans Executive Director, The Village Green
       Sellers, Jackie Retired
       Shinneman, Bonnie Schuldt Retired
       Shuford, Michael Athan First (Sylva)
       Snider, Ryan Christopher Love's Chapel-Webster
       Stanton, Donald Sheldon Retired
       Starnes, Theron Paul Jr Retired
       Stiles, Daniel Paul Retired
       Stith, Frank Albert III Retired
       Sutton, Wayne Alvin Reid's Chapel (Murphy)
       Thomas, Dorothy Boyd Retired
       Thompson, George Edward Retired
       Thurman, James Marion Retired
       Tingle, Randall Alan Supervisor of Pastoral Care, Covenant Health System, Knoxville
       Tippett, George Hardy Retired
       Tout, Charles Thomas Retired
       Trantham, Julia Scarlett Cullowhee-Speedwell Minister of Education and Spiritual Development
       Turman, Donald Wayne Retired
       Turner, Carolyn Rouse Retired
       Virtue, Janice Ann Leadership Education, Consulting, Coaching
       Weekley, George Clyde Retired
       Welch, Martha Phillips Buff Retired
       Welch, Richard Curran Retired
       Westmoreland, Christopher Michael Long's Chapel (Lake Junaluska)
       Williams, Grover DeVere Jr Retired
       Williams-Ruebel, Aryn Margaret Long's - Cruso
       Wilson, Bryan Allen Hickory Stand - Oak Forest
       Wilson, Kathleen McGee Retired
       Young, Charles Garland Retired

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